Monday, February 7, 2011

Artist Statement

As a media maker, my major purpose lies in being a story teller. Since I was a child I have always been a big dreamer certainly more influenced by movies, television shows and music, rather than book and other media. I see story telling as a sensitive experience and I seek to induce people’s emotion and to play with their sensitivity by using images and sounds to show things that simple words will never be able to convey.
I first started to express my self through acting and had been part of a theatre company for several years. I decided to become a movie major in college in order to learn the visual tools I was missing to tell stories the way I wanted and to stop being limited by the single acting performance. 
Growing up in France had me influenced by both and very different French and American media cultures. My work lies in between those two worlds and their codes by mixing Hollywood style story telling and ultra realistic images and relationships between characters found in French movies.
As a music fan and digital composer, soundtracks always have a major role in my work and I often consider tunes as an extension of visual images.
The study of international relations and my experience of travels inspired me a film project based on diverse young backpackers stories. My goal is to show how this international young generation is trying to run away from an unpleased reality by using the world has a playground, and often being confront to other realities they would have never suspected.